Essay about Emmett Till and Song of Solomon

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Emmett Till was only fourteen in the 1950s when he was brutally murdered in a Mississippi town. Two men were accused of the murder. Many of the racial issues that went on in the Till murder and the court case also were portrayed in Toni Morrison's novel, Song of Solomon. Emmett Till's life was somewhat the same as a typical African American with all the prejudice he had to face. At the time newspapers, both black and white owned, had different ways of looking at the murder, and such differences in views form a structure for Morrison to use Till's life to portray Macon Dead's life in a racist society.

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            In the 1950's black news reporters and white news reporters viewed many things differently, especially the murders of black people. The murder of Emmett Till serves as an example. Even though the murder of this fourteen-year-old boy made both blacks and whites aware of Till's murder, the black newspapers took the incident far more seriously than the whites. The murder of the boy made headline news in the newspapers written by blacks, as in the newspaper Atlanta Daily World, which read "Fifty Thousand View the Body of Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Found Slain in Mississippi." Another newspaper, Chicago Defender wrote, "Nation Shocked by Action in Lynching Chicago Youth." The Cleveland Call and Post stated, "Lynching Stirs Nation Mississippi Slayers Indicted."


            On the other hand, in the newspapers mostly written by whites, the articles were mainly on the inside of the newspaper, were very small and gave no opinions, just facts. Not all white reporters kept the truth from their readers. One policeman who had seen Till's body said that it was the worst beating he had seen in eight years. A black newspaper, Jet, published a picture of Till's corpse after the beating, shocking many people. After

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