Essay about Effects of Globalization

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When thinking about globalization, why should that not be our alternative? Globalization, sounds like it would bring unity and full participation from all countries during global crisis. Globalization may be the most powerful form of action that the government could perform. If all the countries did come together and formed an alliance, they can have all of the country’s best entrepreneurs, politicians, economist, engineers, and scientist come together to be able to innervate or invent products and plans that we could not even imagine. Effects of globalization would be faster progression on innervations and inventions, improved strategies and methods that will enhance our economy, and open communication to all foreign countries. One …show more content…
Ferdinand Porsche were partners. Globalization can have endless possibilities to help improve our lifestyle, not with just the innovation of products, but also with economics and foreign trade. Our economy is still fighting this recession. Jim Rogers, American economist and author, says,"2013, 2014 you should be very worried and you should prepare yourself"(Yahoo Finance). As well as the European economy. If we are both in a financial crisis, then why don’t we globalize and form a solution that can help both continents financially? “Earlier this month the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its growth estimate for the global economy to 3.3% and 3.6% for 2012 and 2013 respectively”(Yahoo Finance). Why are we giving up on international connections if we never tried at those strategies? If we are in economic crisis as well as other countries, why are we all being so stubborn and not reaching out for resources that could help improve our economy and others as well? We should form one currency and one economy. It’s time to change for the better and try out other techniques, because if we globalize we will all be united and be able to sort out all the problems and errors in our economy. Now, the topics I discussed about globalizing entrepreneurs and economist does sound exciting, but there is a type of understanding that has to be met with the whole world if we are going to be able to globalize. This comes down to our

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