Essay about Educational Preparation for Nurses

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In today’s world there is a high demand for well qualified nurses. In the healthcare setting the nursing staff can range anywhere from a Certified Nursing Assistant to a Nurse Practitioner. What once was an acceptable level of education for nurses, is no more. Even now there is a nationwide push for nurses to be educated at the baccalaureate level or higher. So the question is, what is the best educational preparation for nurses entering the world of healthcare today? The opinion in this paper is that the baccalaureate level is the best preparation for nurses entering the healthcare field. A study was done that compared the education levels of nurses who worked in a hospital surgical setting and the number of deaths of patients in that …show more content…
In the baccalaureate nursing program, students experience the higher level of education that comes with the baccalaureate program as well as the clinical rotations. The clinical aspect of the baccalaureate education is designed so that students can put their knowledge to the test with hands on experience. The baccalaureate program fulfills the higher education requirement as well as the clinical portion which gives nurses who receive their baccalaureate the upper hand in the nursing field (Cheek, 2014). An article by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing promotes the idea that the baccalaureate in nursing should be the minimal preparation for the nursing field. Obamacare has caused a shift healthcare. Nurses will be given more responsibility due to the cutting of costs and increases in patient volume. Nurses must be able to have a broader understanding of the clinical setting because of the increasing complexities seen on site. The baccalaureate degree is designed for a broad role, unlike the Certified Nursing Assistant who is only trained to do a short list of specific tasks. Because the baccalaureate nurse is more educated and is trained for a broad role, they are preferred by employers. Many employers and hospitals are initiating “BSN-preferred” policies for new hires. Many RN’s are returning to get their bachelor’s degree because of the preference for nurses with a BSN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2014). There are many

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