Education vs Social Class Essay

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Social class vs. Education
America is considered the land of possibility to many, the land of the free. There is a plethora of businesses that function only through the collaboration of members that reside in every level of social class. As Anyon puts it, “… social class describes relationships which we as adults have developed, may attempt to maintain, and in which we participate in every working day”(anyon 398). One’s social class contains and is built by many different interactions. Your social class begins to be constructed at birth and is developed through interactions in the community, work place, and before all else places of education. Indeed the skills and level of thinking learned through education is a deciding factor in how
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400) but in the Executive Elite school worked at developing analytical intellectual powers (pg 408).
The practice and development of higher level skills gives a huge advantage in the form of Symbolic capitol (Anyon). The opportunity to be taught those skills along with how correlates with the money spent on education. Kozol compares the money spent on education of a third grader from the working, middle, and upper classes and found them to be $8,000, $12,000, $18,000 respectively As he continues to talk about, the more funding a school has the more educational materials it can buy and the pay they can give a more qualified staff (Kozol pg. 462) . Anyon reiterates this with her observation that even though classes had some of the same basic learning materials, the amount and quality of these materials differed according to the price level of the school (pg399). This opportunity of encountering higher level knowledge and skills is the game changer that keeps Affluent and Elite classes on top. As long as the upper class family has money to pay for education it is like purchasing symbolic capital to be utilized by their children. (Some article)
In lower level schools the lack of this capitol keeps the lower classes in place and makes it nearly impossible to change given the amassment of capitol concocting knowledge the upper class gathers through generations “For those whose

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