education reform Essay

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Education Reform     

Education reform means to make education better by removing faults and defects. True educators are always thinking of more effective ways to enhance and democratize the way children learn. With the continuous change of growing population, economics, culture, family, and global communication, there has to be continuous educational reforms to keep the society abreast with these changes. One of education’s early reformers is John Dewey. Dewey operated and experimental school where he wanted “to discover in administration, selection of subject matter, methods of learning teaching, and discipline, how a school could become a cooperative community while developing in individuals their
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There should be a balanced curriculum where every subject has its equal share of time and importance. Politics and economic situation could cause a lack of such a curriculum as it might be seen as too expensive to change or enhance the curriculum to match the every growing population of migrants.
Politics has somewhat tarnish the economy of education. United States of America has had presidents who claim to see education as their priority. They sometimes try not to reform the education system, but different presidents have different ideas or agendas. At one time America was behind its global counterparts in Science, therefore the focus was to gear the curriculum towards producing students in the science field. Not all students are scientific minded so the emphasis would be shifted. Of Dewey’s approach to learning was adapted to work with the young minds, there would have been more scientifically inclined students. Children should be allowed to explore freely, think, and define their own conclusion. This would have built on their inquiring minds. Since some children tend to lean toward practical activities, curriculum should be so geared to give the students the opportunity to have activities that would help to develop their curiosity. In order to have these equipment some schools would have to be in good economic standing. There are many schools, especially those in

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