Education Reform in California Essay

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California’s entire educational system does not need to be changed in order for it to be successful. In the past, the educational system worked and created many successful and productive members of society. Change to the entire system is not what California needs, but what it does need is change to some policies and procedures. Changing these few policies and procedures will greatly benefit California’s educational system. This great nation and this great state have the right ideas, now it just needs to take its existing educational structure and make a few modifications and then we will be back on the right track.
The education policy in California provided quality analysis for the K-12 education issues. “The issue of leadership
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“The backdrop of the current California education politics is a $2 million set of studies that convincingly argue that the system is the problem” (The Governator). Any amount of added funding would likely disappear without a trace of improvement in student achievement. “The governor finds the task of securing the future for California children to be too difficult, and if that doesn’t change, California will fuel its economy with imported workers from other states and countries, because California schools simply are not preparing students for a dynamic, skills-based labor market” (The Governator). This shows that the governor is not working hard enough to plan and secure the future for the California children. “The education coalition will not permit real policy change without a lot of new money” (The Governator). The politics spent all the new money rather than saving it for the years when state economic growth slowed down. The education politics top priority should actually be the spending of public education and immigration instead of Health care. The spending on public education had doubled in the last fifteen years. “The evolution of education spending in California has received plenty of attention from both academics and practitioners after this state’s education finance reform in the 1970’s” (Coen-Pirani). This is because the spending per student in California

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