Essay Ecoturism Business: Sustainability and Tourism

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In Twenty-First Century, pollution is a big issue in over the world so people are carefully pay more their attention on protecting the environment than ever. Therefore, ecotourism has been introduced to customer by many tourism businesses include hotel, resort, airline or safari. This essay will compare and contrast some tourism business’s sustainable programs such as Eco Beach Resort, Habitat HQ Hostel and Qantas Airline. Then it will discuss the impacts of these sustainable options may have on the consumer’s decision process.

Now people very care how their activities can impact to the environment. People want to live close the wildlife and less impact to the environment. To participant in world protecting environment, many tourism
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With customer in the tents, to save energy and protect the environment, instead of using fridge, they are provided 20 litre eski in which they can store food and drinks. Providing power mainly for lighting but people can use low wattage appliances such as camera and mobile phone chargers. None of electric equipment is set up in the tents. There are variety activities for customer to take part in. They are green activities which do not impact on the environment and natural wildlife such as whale and turtle watching tour, indigenous tour, cliff top walks and cave exploring. With all of those green programs, the Eco beach Resort has received multi awards from different organisations. They won eco certified Nature Tourism, Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat became multi award winner taking out the Ecotourism, Cultural Tourism and New Product Development awards. Eco Beach was a finalist in Luxury Travel Magazine's Best Luxury Eco Tourism category at the 2010 Gold List awards - the award for the best in environmentally conscious luxury travel. Besides, there are some other awards such as National Accommodation Industry Awards for Excellence Sustainable Tourism, The QANTAS Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism – WINNER and West Australian Tourism Awards the Ecotourism Award - GOLD MEDALLIST.

The next one is Habitat HQ Melbourne backpackers Hostel. According to Habitat HQ Melbourne website (Habitat

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