Ambassador Hotel Case Study

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1. Introduction

Travel and tourism have become one of the world’s largest industries. The statistics of the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) demonstrate that international tourists around the world doubled from 1995 to 2013; 23% of these visitors are in the Pacific Asia region which has the highest growth rate in the world (UNTWO, 2013). However, according to Gossling (2002), with the tremendous growth of domestic and international tourism, there will be increasing pressure on the climate, resources, particularly fossil fuels, which poses a great challenge to its sustainable development. Harris and Leiper (1995) describe sustainable development as a managed form of economic growth that takes place in the context of sound environmental stewardship.
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Nevertheless, Kapiki (2012) asserts that the luxury hotels are less susceptible to the financial crisis due to the fact that the number of guests able to afford luxury accommodations has risen dramatically over the past few years. As a luxury five-star hotel located in the heart of Taipei, the Ambassador will not be affected as much as non-luxury hotels by the current economic condition considering its target customers’ spending …show more content…
It is necessary to identify the key factors and their implications in order to effectively manage and eventually achieve the sustainable development of tourism, creating competitive advantages for the tourism industry accordingly. The study revealed that the oil problem is not only about energy constraints, but is also directly linked to environmental security, political instability, the socioeconomic systems of production and consumption which can affect the sustainable development of the hotel in almost every aspect. Moreover, climate change occurs much more slowly than other factors related to tourism, and because of the reason that luxury hotels are less susceptible to the financial crisis, peak oil is potentially the most precarious of all other relevant issues discussed to the sustainable development of the Ambassador Hotel

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