Essay about Economic Development: The Process of Change

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Economic Development: The process of change in a purposeful and comprehensive management of all aspects of economic and social life of a particular community in order to transfer the community to develop economic, social and political best Defines economic development. Generally as a process that happens through which change is accompanied by a comprehensive and continuous increase in the average real income and an improvement in the distribution of income in favor of the poor and improve the quality of life and the changing structure of production goods are produced using the main elements of production ,So the difference between development and economic growth is that growth: Works to increase production and services in a limited period …show more content…
On the basis of the capital and it occupies ranked 140 in the world through a partnership or 129 public and private sectors it was the motive behind the economic growth through the expansion of services, which have been growing faster than other sectors down. It is said that the development pattern of India was one specific and that the country may be able to skip the stage, led by manufacturing and intermediates in transforming its economic structure. Has raised serious concerns about the nature of economic growth unemployment. Was favorable macroeconomic performance is a necessary condition but not sufficient for a significant, reduction in poverty among the Indian population. Not the highest poverty rate of decline in the post- reform period (since 1991). The improvements in some other non-economic dimensions of social development even less favorable. The most obvious example is the exceptionally high level and persistence of malnutrition among children (46 % in 2005)
And follows the progress of economic reforms in India closely. World Bank suggests that the most important priority is to reform the public sector, infrastructure and agricultural and rural

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