Ecological Contextual Model of Acculturation Essays

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As we may all have once experienced, acculturation is one of the most common part of our lives, either by music, language or habits. In many occasions is more noticeable, but they are still a part of our entire lives. Through my own experiences and some of my classmates we were able to identified this topic in our own lives. I being born in USA but raised in Mexico until I was 16 years old, made my acculturation really clear when I came to this country without any previous knowledge of this language or society. Everything was completely different, but I was able to adapt to a new culture in a small period of time, learning a new language and successfully ending High School. Now that I came to college, I feel that I am going to a new …show more content…
The study of acculturation generated through the last 30 years has a different explanatory theoretical models , creating and using assessment tools and a wide range of descriptive and comparative work which are applied with purpose . Through knowledge of cultural differences and the problems generated by the process of cultural transition , has tried to adapt the public health and education services , especially to the specific characteristics of immigrant groups. We understand that the acculturation process of change that occurs when individuals or groups come from cultural contexts regular contact with another culture , in the midst of which have to redo their life. The acculturation models have been happening under the advance of other as collateral knowledge of psychology and anthropology . At the same time, research with specific ethnic groups and in different cultural contexts have informed or relativized these models .

Unidirectional model of acculturation The first model of acculturation was proposed by Gordon in 1964, in his book American assimilation in life called a "Unidirectional Model of Acculturation ." It is a bipolar model, within a linear continuum (Figure 1), where at one end the immigrant minority culture is located and on the other, the new majority culture. The model proposes a relationship of exclusion to move from one culture to another, the more approximates

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