Essay on Domestication

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The beginning of human and animal interaction has been triggered by the progress of technology. Animals have been utilized for work, recreation, companionship as well as medical and scientific projects. Why are there so many different kinds of domesticated animal species suited for captivity? Many pets, such as different dog and livestock breeds, were bred to fulfill different purposes for human needs. The process of selective breeding of animals was at first unintentional and probably unobserved. For example, large, aggressive, and big-horned bulls were probably too dangerous to keep around and so did not survive to reproduce these characteristics. Thus, over time, early farmers unknowingly altered the genetic make-up of the life forms …show more content…
Humans also need many vitamins and at least trace amounts of many elements; these needs are met by including in the diet all sorts of edible plants such as onions, garlic, lentils, garbanzos, cabbage, turnips, fruits, and berries, etc.
A wholly distinctive and different agriculture grew up in the New World, in the Americas. Large domestic animals were conspicuously absent in these ancient economies. The explanation for the contrast with the Old World is not hard to find: their main food plants, corn, squash, and beans (add potatoes in South America) provide, if eaten together, all 12 of the necessary amino acids. The supplementary foods grown by early American farmers include tomatoes and peppers, which have spread all over the world since 1492. For example, the Near East, the cradle lands of both Western and Islamic civilizations, used animals almost from the beginning of settled life both for food and for labor. This was not accidental. The reasons for this cultural adaptation can be seen in terms of the special needs of Near Eastern cereal-growers: wheat and barley require elaborate (labor-intensive) preparation of the fields (seed beds) so that the grain will out-compete weeds. Using animals, (almost any large animal will do) to drag a scratch plow makes the job easier and quicker for humans. Near Eastern cereal-growers thus became livestock raisers. Human communities have been ingenious at finding

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