Horse's Influence On Native American Economy And Culture

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During 1815 to 1860, many people came to the West for different reasons. For example, Spanish came to North America to aggressive Native American’s territory, Chinese people came to the West to seek the gold. Because of the coming of these people they brought new creatures to the U.S. like horse and also brought in different cultures and more trade opportunities, which plays a key role of the West’s development.

What was the impact of the horse on Native American economy and culture?
When the Spanish came to North America to aggressive Native American’s territory, they brought in horse in the 16th century. Because of the horse changes the Native American’s life a lot. Because before horse be imported into North America, Native American did
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Before the horse, Native Americans walked the plains carrying their possessions by dog transport and on their own backs. In some way, because of the use of horse people could easier to communicate with each other. Also because of the horse, the population of the Native American increased a lot than before. Therefore the Native people called horse “mystery dog”. The Natives’ basic economy was characterized by dependence on buffalo for food, clothing, and shelter. When they acquired horses, as horses are plant eaters rather than meat eaters (as dogs were), good grass became a determining factor in the selection of camp sites and the duration of occupation of those sites.

How was the Lewis & Clark Expedition an example of both conflict and cooperation with Native Americans?
The Lewis & Clark expedition is an example of conflict because when Lewis and Clark showed up on the plains, the Native American already live in that place for a long time. The Natives farming, hunting, and also trade with other people and people from other Indian communities. There were many Native nations live in that place.

However different nations have different reaction about the new comers. Some of the nation treat American as their friend, like the Mandan and Hidatsa glade the corps of discovery can come to their village to help them develop their village. In contrast, some of the Natives sees the coming of the Lewis and as
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Mexico encourage American settlement in their province of Texas because they wanted to attract colonists from all the colonies. However they never thought that after they opened the province to foreign colonists, there are a huge number of colonists came to taxes who are only from the border in the U.S. They were interested in increasing the population there to stem the encroaching USA. Mexico was actually not so keen on Americans moving there because they were aware that a Texas full of Americans could lead to Mexico losing the territory. As it happened, they

were correct. These new comers came to Texas and planted crops like cotton in the lands. They let the slaves to work for them, and the slavery have established in Taxes. The establishment of slavery attract more immigrants, slavery came to be a way of life in the eastern settlements, although the Mexican government had strongly expressed disapproval of the system. However the immigrants thought slavery as essential for the economic growth. It caused the conflict between the Mexican and the immigrants and the rebellion of Mexican and

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