Essay on Does Fat Come Back Elsewhere After Liposuction?

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It’s a quick fix, liposuction, although some women are hesitant to go this route, and with good reason. It’s a medical procedure and as with all medical procedures there are inherent risks, not to mention the expense and recovery time.
However, you have weighed the pros and cons and decided you are going to do it because you cannot get rid of the fat that has been plaguing you for years and you are sick and tired of trying.
But then … your friend cautions you: The fat will come back, just not in the area that you have had liposuctioned.
You mean … if I get my thighs liposuctioned and for the first time ever they are slim and trim and I am happy as hell … the fat will pop up elsewhere?
This is certainly not your objective. Yes, you
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Maggie does say she was warned this would happen if she gained weight and, alas, she gained weight. “My surgeon made it perfectly clear this would happen if I wasn’t very, very careful. I was very careful and didn’t let my weight get away from me” but then it did.
Maggie said she now has a very big bubble butt. “I never had that before or anything that could be confused with a bubble butt.”
For her, the lipo weight is “Five hundred times harder to lose. It does not come off normally.”
Maggie describes herself as a food addict. “If you are not a food addict, I am for (lipo) 100 percent. (If you are a food addict) and if you do (lipo) thinking you can face your demons later, DO NOT DO IT! Disfigurement for me is the size of my calves, knees, thighs, midriff and bubble butt, which are very disproportionate to the rest of me.”
She thinks her now fat calves, wrists and chin are not only the result of weight gain but because of the liposuction.
Her vow: “Never again. I can’t go back and fix my screw up, which is too bad, so sad.”
Sharon Osbourne of “The Talk” and manager of Black Sabbath, who has had numerous lipo procedures, but is still battling weight issues, appeared on Chelsea Lately (2-10-14.)
The topic of weight came up and Osbourne remarked, “If you get this part lipo-ed the fat won’t come back there but it will come back here (pointing to another area.) You just follow your body around.”
According to Dr. Arthur Perry, FACS,

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