Different Views of Leisure Essay

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Different Views of Leisure

During the time, leisure and recreation have been always an important part of man's life and occurred in many different forms. In the ancient Greece, people used to entertain themselves by participating outdoor games, which contributed into both physical and mental development. In the middle of ninetieth (19th) century people used to spend more time together socializing and learn about and from each other. Nowadays, at the beginning of twenty-first (21st) century, where everybody is trying to achieve the most possibly, free time has become a scarce phenomenon. During this assignment, the following study was contacted in order to collect information on how people spend their free time, in particular their
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According to the definition, leisure has three parts: relaxation, entertainment and personal development. Steven thinks that leisure can be those three parts. He can relax, by having a nice and quiet day, he can be entertained, by watching his favorite televisions shows and at the same time broaden his knowledge and aspects about life. He believes that it is very important for him to spend his leisure time, by choosing to do activities, which are different from the ones he does during a regular day. The" compensatory theory", which suggests that whenever an individual does not have to do something usual, he will seek a totally different activity, matches exactly his opinion (Bammel & Bammel, 1996). Steven emphasized the fact that he never does anything related to work at home. When he was asked, what other factors influence his choice of leisure, besides having to go to work, he answered that in order to enjoy his leisure time, having no pressures and constraints is very crucial. Also, he mentioned that sleep is a very essential part of his leisure, because he spends time thinking and relaxing and therefore a comfortable bed is necessary. He concluded this interview by adding that many times social commitments and things that he is obligated to do, as the everyday chores are, have interrupted or postponed his leisure time
The second person I interviewed was Amy, a twenty-one (21) years old Caucasian girl. Amy is currently a college student

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