Did the Counterculture of the 1960s Have an Enormous Impact on the United States?

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Did the counterculture of the 1960s have an enormous impact on the United States? The counterculture is known as the main cultural occurrence that began in the United States and spread worldwide. This countercultural movement picked up vast speed and became the revolutionary way for the people as well as the United States Government during the military invasion in Vietnam.
By mid March 1961 the John Birch Society had well over 95,000 members. This society was known as the despicable joke of the conservatism of the Republicans. Since the Society was taken this way, the feeling about the Society assisted in the defeat of the election of 1962 and the defeat of the National Election of 1964. The Kennedy Administration stayed fully
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This movement is known as the Women’s Movement, and assisted women in understanding that they have the right to live their own private lives and have a choice whether someone says any differently. In the beginning of the 1970s the National Organization for Women’s Rights and various campaigns for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) began. Congress finally overwhelmingly approved and passed the ERA in 1972. The only issue that ever threatened or attempted to overrun the feminist movement was the Comparable Worth in the 1980s. The Comparable Worth Task Force reported that women are receiving .60 cents to every one dollar that a man earns. Feminists argued that woman workers need to receive equal pay as men for doing comparable work.
Another large controversy that California faced was the Loyalty Oath of the University of California. These specific oaths were challenged numerous and countless times. It has been said that the oaths violated the structure and principles of freedom of speech and freedom of association. Student unrest began May 13, 1960, during a protest because students were left out of a hearing of the House Un-American Activities Committee. This hearing was being held in San Francisco at City Hall. The students demonstrated a sit in, in the rotunda. When police met protesters with force it became a very violent and infamous riot. Police severely injured many protestors by dragging them down the marble stairs. In 1969, the committee renamed itself the

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