The Reality Of Poverty In Michael Harrington's The Other America

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The Other America In the 1960 's, America found itself in a very difficult time. We were getting involved with Vietnam, Civil Rights were a hot topic, as well as the wildness that came with the 60 's. Although these things were all people thought about at the time, there was still something constantly hiding from plain view; another America. Throughout history, there has always been a level beneath the commonwealth, those that are stuck below the poverty line. This was especially true for the 60 's, with an average of one in four people living below the poverty line. Even though there was such a large percent of the population below the poverty line, nobody was doing anything for these citizens. Not because the rest of society did not care, but more so that they were not aware. That all changed in 1962, when Michael Harrington released his new book, The Other America: Poverty in the United States. In his book, Harrington makes known the reality of poverty …show more content…
Although seeing the environment, they did not actually learn about the people who lived there, “even if he were to pass through such a place by accident, the tourist would not meet the unemployed men in the bar or the women coming home from a runaway sweatshop” (Harrington). The class levels lived in different worlds, that rarely intervened with one another; the county was cursed with a social blindness. With the help of Harrington 's book though, this began to change; and the invisible shroud that hung over poverty began to be lifted. With the introduction of Harrington 's ideals and observations, a large part of society began to open their eyes further than to what they were used to. People began to realize the severity of the problem that poverty entailed, and gave people the motivation to begin to help those less fortunate than

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