Darkness of Stephen King-The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon Essay

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King makes numerous connections with the darks romantics. In The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon, he creates a structure of hope and fear in order for Trisha to play out the game. The book is set up in baseball innings catering to the baseball themed experience Trisha has in the woods. Up until the end everything seems to be going against Trisha, she has to face things that most people are terrified of, or in other words, their worst fears. Throughout the book, he supports the “Spiritual facts” that “lie behind the appearances of nature, but can be dangerous.” (Holt 149). Trisha has numerous cases where she is scared for her life and she looks for something to comfort her. In The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon, Trisha turns to God or the …show more content…
Tom Gordon is a symbolic figure, helping her to come to terms with the fact that she is lost. “Tom Gordon represents a force has closer to the traditional perception of God” (Russell 135). To Trisha he becomes real or her, an imaginary friend she can turn to for support. King has even said, “Anybody will tell you that imaginary friends are as real as real people sometimes.” (Cahill). Trisha having an imaginary friend allows him to connect to the character and the dark romantics.
In his novels, King writes as though he were trying to scare his audience. He can scare the crap out of you, while making you want to read and find out what happens to the character. He expresses this darkness throughout the text, “Something hears her. It might or might not understand, and did not reply but it was there. She could feel it. Was it letting her ripen? Feeding on her fear before it came out to feed on her?” (King 168). He expresses the dark creature in such a way to have you fear for the character and have you scared. In the building of suspense, he draws attention to the evil in the life of his characters. He wants you to familiarize yourself with them, to feel their fear, pain, anguish, and even death. In writing, “She felt panic trying to grab her again—it was speeding her heartbeat, drying out her mouth, making her eyes throb in their sockets. She was lost in the

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