Danielle Steel’s The Ring - A Blend of Fiction and History Essay examples

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Danielle Steel’s The Ring - A Blend of Fiction and History

Can a plot, setting, and characters in a fictitious story be derived from actual historical events and can the two blend together? The unique writing style of Danielle Steel merges true historical events with fiction in a manner that leaves the reader emotionally touched. In her story, The Ring, Steel does not show a partition between fictitious characters and factual historical events. In fact, the two are intertwined so well that the reader can imagine the fictitious characters as real characters during a horrific period of our history, World War II.

In fact, historical setting has a very significant impact on this work of fiction. Without the
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History becomes a stepping-stone for the development of the characters, as well. For instance, during World War II, the Jews experienced a great deal of maltreatment by the Germans. The SS was directly responsible for the death camps for the extermination of six million Jews. In The Ring, Steel depicts a fictitious character named Dolff, who is persecuted because he is a Jew. Dolff is a famous writer in Germany. With the surfacing of the Nazis, he is no longer able to publish his newly written book. Had he been a German, he would have had no troubles publishing his book. “Do you know why my publisher is sitting on the fence? Not because my last book didn’t sell, not because he doesn’t like the new manuscript. Because I’m Jewish, Kassandra…because I’m a Jew” (30), Dolff complains. It is no longer an issue whether or not artists and writers like Dolff have the capability of producing great works of art. What matters at this time is whether or not one is a Jew. Eventually, the Nazis kill Dolff, and his death is a direct consequence of the war. Historically, there were many Dolffs during that era who suffered as a result of being Jewish, but Steel has made it more remarkable with Dolffs’ characterization.

In addition, during wars, such as World War II, there are soldiers who take their profession to the extreme level, soldiers who seem to enjoy the pain that they inflict on their captives. Hilderbrand is such a

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