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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a culture and landscape, along with other intriguing aspects, that would make almost anyone want to visit there. I had always wanted to go out of the country, so my friend Doug and I decided that Costa Rica was the place to be. This Spanish speaking paradise lies between Mexico and South America. The entire country is practically surrounded by water with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Needless to say, there was a lot more in Costa Rica than a beautiful view.

To make sure everything would be taken care of we enlisted the services of a travel agent. She setup a week long vacation at a resort for $680(Flight and Room). A four-hour drive from Knoxville to Atlanta and a
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My friend and I decided to stay in a town called Tamarindo, at the "El Tamarindo Resort," because it was known for the best surfing. Tamarindo is very tourist oriented compared to some of the other cities, but there will probably be no complaints when lounging on the beach in front of the resort. Around this tiny town was a dense rainforest where representatives from the resort would guide tours through the canopy ($25 per day). There were also open fields and rolling hills that put Tennessee to shame. There was so much to do there that a week was not enough.

Doug and I spent most of our time sleeping on the beach, but we also did a number of other things as well. For example, we awoke every morning and went to a little surf shop down the street from the resort to rent surfboards ($15 per day) then hit the beach. We also found a man giving horseback riding tours through the jungle ($20 for two hours). During the day we visited various shops setup on the beach and bought souvenirs. The cost of souvenirs varies but they are all relatively inexpensive. Costa Rica is known for its handmade jewelry and clothing.

At night the activities vary from bars and clubs to, well, other bars and clubs. My personal favorite was the Mambo Bar. This place is a surfer hangout at the end of the main road. There are no doors or walls, like many of the buildings there. Toward the back there is a foosball table, but I would not recommend playing against the

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