Comparing and Contrasting Scientific realism and Phenomenology

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The objective of science is elucidate some sort of “truth” with regard to the world and how it works. But how do we arrive at this concept of “truth”? Epistomology, or the study of the origin, nature and limits to the production of human knowledge, provides a multitude of frameworks from which to work from. These approaches address the creation of knowledge and provide the scientist or observer with a reference from which to test the limits and validity of the knowledge that are created from research. The objective of this paper to is to explore two differing epistemologies by comparing and contrasting how they arrive at the “truth” of science and the production of knowledge. A historical perspective will be given in …show more content…
Even though they weren’t visible, the evidence of their existence was enough to prove their existence.
Scientific realism incorporates three stances, or theses, which are known as the metaphysical, semantic and epistemic, according to Psillos (1999). The metaphysical stance argues that the world is definitive in its nature and that it is a “mind-independent natural-kind structure.” In other words, it suggests that the world exists independently of what humans are able to know, verify or recognize. Semantic realism is the second stance of scientific realism and interprets the world as being occupied by unobservable objects and processes. Scientific theories are often accepted as they are with the understanding that they possess truth-conditioned descriptions about the world that they describe. Oftentimes, these descriptions may be true or false. Thus, conjectural declarations are not reducible to the assertions about the behavior of the observable object. The assumption is that if scientific theories are true, the unidentifiable processes and entities are evident and are pervasive throughout the world.
The third thesis of scientific realism, or the epistemic stance, regards established scientific theories that have

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