Community-Oriented Policing Essay

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Community-oriented policing, also known as COP, combines the traditional aspects of law enforcement with prevention measures, problem solving, community engagement, and community partnerships (Community and Problem-Oriented). The United States law enforcement relied on a professional policing model, which was based on hierarchical structures, efficient response times, standardization, and the use of motorized patrol cars. Community-oriented policing began when critics charged that police and the communities they served were alienated from each other. The key element for community policing is the emphasis on the prevention of crime (Community and Problem-Oriented). Beginning in the 1980s, COP gained acceptance as an alternative to …show more content…
Living in today’s society, there is not one thing that does not change. Many things change daily, hourly, or even by the minute. Multiple crimes are committed daily all over the world, along with new crimes. Law enforcement does not have a choice to try and prevent these same crimes from occurring; however, there are things they have to change in order to prevent these crimes, especially new crimes committed. A police officer has many duties he or she has to take on, and sometimes he or she cannot stop every crime. Many people think the police do not do their job, although, I disagree. Police officers leave their families and risk their lives each day. Their main responsibility is to protect our communities. Every person has his or her own opinion about law enforcement. Some look at law enforcement as the “good” people and some look at them as the “bad” people. Personally, I believe those who look at law enforcement as the “bad” people are the ones who commit the crimes. I believe policing has changed for the better and for the worse for multiple reasons. Technology has increased and it has become easier to solve crimes. Solving crimes is not easy because there are many steps to take and plenty of investigation involved. Police must be extremely careful when retrieving evidence. Having the community interact with the police to help solve problems in their

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