Cloud Computing Slutions for Electrical Measuring Systems Essay

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Energy and operational efficiency are most important concerns in any environments. Especially industrial customers need to measure their energy consumption to reduce their operating costs and enhance energy conservation in electrical infrastructure.
Energy management is a continual improvement process involving visualizing real-time data accuracy, measurement, analysis and implementation of event monitoring programs.
Industrial facilities are using to demonstrate the importance of managing the energy consumption. To addressing this issue, an energy monitoring and management devices are developed.
Monitoring devices are one of the important equipment that are using to measure the actual operating parameters of energy values and network
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The devices that are using to specify mentioned electrical network parameters named electrical measuring device. These devices are developed in two platforms: analog and digital. Now a day because of the importance of processing generated data, Most of digital measuring devices (usually has been mounted in electrical panels) are used as data gathering devices for power electric utility customers or intelligent power distribution systems. we’ll consider Digital Measuring Device as a name of: (Measuring Device), this devices monitor industrial sensor and relays characteristic and save generated data on local storage or sending it using various network infrastructures to the processing unit or controlling stations.
Cloud Computing solutions for electrical measuring systems
In case of providing generated data for remote processing systems, most of measuring devices are still deploying modem access and serial bus technology to communicate with their monitoring platforms.
Traditionally, measuring devices read sensor and auxiliary relays data from industrial utilities and send via remote terminal unit (RTU) [1] in communication network to the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) [2] systems in the local utility using PROFIBUS [3], PROFINET [4], Modbus [5] and TCP-IP and exchanged regionally with other utilities and reliability coordinator stations. Whereas the data are not time-stamped at the moment of measurement or acquired synchronously, they do not capture

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