Civil Air Patrol Essay

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In the late 1930’s, over 150,000 volunteer aviation enthusiast wanted to put their skills and planes to use to protect their country. The Civil Air Patrol was born was born one week prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. During the course of WWII, Civil Air Patrol logged over 500,000 flight hours, sunk two enemy submarines. The Civil Air Patrol has an interesting history from World War II up until the present day. In the early stages of Civil Air Patrol, there was a strong need for national defense on the east coast where German U-boats had sunk multiple cargo and supply freighters within miles of the coast. The US Army Air Corp had made the decision to allow Civil Air Patrol to make ninety day trial patrol missions up to …show more content…
Neither Army nor Navy could respond and the submarine became free and escaped.
Because of that incident the Civil Air Patrol was allowed either a single one-hundred pound bomb or a three-hundred pound depth-charge depending on the type and horsepower of the aircraft. Also it has been rumored that Civil Air Patrol sunk on German U-Boat by throwing hand-grenades out of the doors and windows of the aircraft. The first submarine sunk was hit with two depth charges from Captain Johnny Haggins and Major Wynant Farr’s Grumman G-44 Widgeon. After the end of WWII the government disbanded the Civil Air Patrol from using any type of bombs, firepower, or weapons. During the Second World War, fifty-seven Civil Air Patrol members lost their lives defending their country. Twenty-six of the men lost were on Coastal Patrol.
The operations of CAP after WWII proved valuable enough to keep the organization around. Although no longer a “Wartime Helper”, Civil Air Patrol has found its spot in the community with the youth. Anyone can join CAP as a cadet between the ages of twelve and eighteen. After the age of eighteen, you can join the squadron as a senior member. Civil Air Patrol, being the auxiliary of the US Air Force, uses the same rank as the Air Force. From Airman Basic up to Colonel being the highest. The respect that Civil Air Patrol has acquired from all branches

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