Childhood Obesity in the United States Essay

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When it comes to obesity in the United States, many fail to acknowledge its presence. The new generation is increasingly falling into the hands of obesity; many don’t even realize it until they experience changes in their health. It is known for a fact that the Unites States has the greatest obese population in the world. According to current statistics, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children in the past thirty years (“Parents Blamed for Childhood Obesity,” 2009). Although many parents admit that their children are obese, others fail to accept that this is an epidemic that should be controlled and given their immediate attention (Green & Reese, 2006). What comes hand-in-hand with obesity is nothing good. Every day, new …show more content…
Increased mortality risks are also correlated with obesity; children who grow up to be overweight have a greater chance of dying earlier in life. Thus, obesity is one of the primary health problems that contributes to the low life expectancy among high-income countries in the United States (Masters, Reither, Powers, et al). Although health problems are the primary risks that develop in obese individuals, emotional health is also jeopardized. Children who are overweight are likely to encounter teasing in school, bullying, depression, low self-esteem, in secureness, social stigma, anxiety, and a negative outlook on life (Blasi, 2003). These kids tend to be shy and feel inferior in the inside, even though they might hide everything with a smile on the outside. Being a big kid is a classic childhood trauma. Supervision and support by parents is the only way to stop obesity from directly affecting a kid’s health and development. Ignorance among parents will only lead to an unhealthy future for the United States citizens (Green & Reese, 2006).
Obesity rises at an early age in life; however, it can become a struggle anytime in a person’s lifetime. Are parents to blame for allowing their children to become couch potatoes? Many blame other factors contributing to this epidemic, ignoring their important role as a parent to manage their kid’s daily meals and activities (Blasi, 2003). Studies show that most parents of obese children fail to see obesity as

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