Changing the Stereotypical View of Native Americans in the Movie, Dances With Wolves

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Changing the Stereotypical View of Native Americans in the Movie, Dances With Wolves

The movie Dances With Wolves begins with John Dunbar in the medic tent awaiting his leg to be cut off because of an injury and the fear of it getting gangrene. He manages to keep it when the doctors say they are too tired to work on another patient. Dunbar then decides that he wants to keep his leg when he sees one of the other soldiers hobbling around. After leaving the tent, he found that there had been no push by either side in the battle they were in, so he decided to ride a horse right in front of enemy lines in an attempt to get it started and to die. He rode twice, but neither time got shot. When he arrived back at his home line, he was a hero
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He picked her up and carried her on his horse to the tribe. They were surprised and scared to see him and one of the men came and violently yanked her off the horse and dragged her back to the crowd.

After a few days or weeks, a couple Indians came to Dunbar's post with a buffalo skin as a gift. Soon they were doing more and more things together, learning to communicate, and appreciate each other as well. Latter Dunbar lived with and dressed like the Indians.

Near the end of the movie, Dunbar has to choose between staying with the Indians or to go back to the military. The soldiers captured him when he tried going back to the post to get some things. They treated him just like they would an Indian. They beat him and treated him like nothing. Then his Indian friends came and rescued him from the soldiers and he again went and lived with the Indians.

This film changes the stereotypical view of Native Americans by showing the white mans' treatment and thoughts towards the Native Americans and their treatment of the resources found in the west. The film also changes the stereotypical view by showing the Native Americans' way of life and how they treat and relate to their friends.

In Dr. Summit's lecture, she talked about the two Indian removals. She told how the tribes were thoughtlessly grouped together and forced off land they had lived on for years

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