Censorship Essay

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     Everyone has a voice and an opinion. Some people, unfortunately, are censored and denied the right to express their opinion because it is different. Because everyone thinks they are right, if something is new or different, it will, more often than not, be disliked because people do not like to hear new and different ideas. It is not right that some people can express their opinion and some are censored and cannot express their opinion because their opinion is different from the norm. Censorship is wrong because it denies an individual the chance to be heard simply because they have different ideas. It also restricts freedom of information, which is vital to the survival of Democracy. With
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(Kingsbury, 16) It went largely unnoticed till recently when he was denied a chance to speak at Hamilton University, due to public outcry and threats of violence. Colorado governor Bill Owens called for Churchill’s resignation in light of his comments. Churchill stands by his comments, and so do most scholars, even though they do not agree with his ideas. Even though his ideas might not be appropriate, by the United States Constitution, he is still entitled to express them without fear of harm or repercussions such as being fired. Everyone has the right to earn money, and censorship almost denied Ward Churchill income if he had been fired. To fire him on the grounds of his comments would be unconstitutional, and Mr. Churchill would have very right to seek legal action.
Censorship has recently been expressed through school officials outlawing outlandish fashion styles or clothing that displays suggestive bands. . Stigmatizing solely because of fashion is a form of discrimination; no different than saying all Arabs are terrorists. According to an article in the Rock Out Censorship website, Kent McNew, a student from Surry County High School in Virginia, was suspended for his dyed blue hair soon after the Columbine shootings. (Alexander) If unusual hair colors denote school violence, there probably would not be a

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