Causes of Government Shutdown in the US Essay

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In 1995-1996, America under President Bill Clinton, experienced a Government shutdown crisis over the funding of Medicare and education A decade later under the Presidency of President Obama, the nation experienced a government shutdown on October 1,2013 because the Democratic and Republican party failed to agree to an appropriations bill for the next fiscal year. The American Media portrays the Government Shutdown as a bipartisan failure to cooperate that put the nation on hold, as well as many federal employees on furlough. The failure of Congress to pass the bill for the next fiscal year because of Affordable Care Act is portrayed by the media as something that is just senseless and unreasonable on the Republican parties part in the …show more content…
Not only does she portray the House Of Representatives as one that eats up everything in its path in Congress, but she also portrays the House Of Representatives as one that is “biting”, or eating the economy because of the massive economic repercussions of shutting down the government. With cannibalistic diction Lowrey portrays the Republican Party as both beastly and irrational- like an animal. In addition, the media uses destructive diction to portray the Government shutdown as an example of growing bipartisan dissent in the United States Government. In an article about the impasse in the Government shutdown, Jonathan Weissman a journalist of the New York Times said that "Cracks in the party were opening into fissures of frustration." to show the exponentially growing gap between the two parties (Weissman). By using the word choice of "fissure", Weissman implies that once there is a crack, the crack cannot be mended ; however, the crack can be covered with cement to temporarily fix the issue at hand . Not only does Weissman use the word "fissure" to show the dichotomy of the two parties, but Weissman uses this word to also show the depth and longitude of the frustration of both parties because of intransigence between the two parties. Weissman portrays both the Senate and House of Representatives as obdurate, uncompromising politicians

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