Cathedral by Raymond Carver Essay

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What would one expect from a loving husband who has to share his home with a complete stranger? Would one expect to be welcomed with open arms or be met with a blinding cloud of jealousy? In Raymond Carver’s short story “Cathedral” a distraught and confounded husband has an ignorant and envious view of his wife’s timeless friend. According to the narrator, he “wasn’t enthusiastic about his visit” (32) and “being blind bothered him” (32). The narrator is so hostile to the idea of a visit from Robert because he is blinded by jealousy, anger, and confusion.
The narrator does not address Robert by his full name, he address him “this” blind man instead of a blind man. Carver allows the reader to make the assumption that “this” blind man is of
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The narrator decides to give explicit details on his wife’s growing friendship with Robert. Carver includes these vivid flashbacks to show the bent up anxiety of the narrator. The narrator becomes very passionate and livid when he is describing his wife touching Robert. “She told me he touched his fingers to every part of her face, her nose-even her neck!” (33).
The reader could feel the anger rush through the narrators body and the emotions he was feeling about another man touching his wife. This adds to the narrator’s negative viewpoint of Robert and he is continually hesitant about showing Robert kindness instead of anger. Anger and confusion is brought out in the narrator’s description of his wife's poems. The narrator’s wife only writes “a poem or two every year” (33). The narrator then goes on to explain that his wife only writes poems about important moments of her life. Carver purposely adds this detail to the story because the narrator never had a poem written about him. He was obviously jealous of the interaction between his wife and Robert because the narrator goes into full detail about the events that had taken place that day. “She talked about what she had felt at the time, about what went through her mind when the blind man touched her nose and lips” (33). The narrator’s emotions change from anger to ignorance when he tries to forget the memory of his wife and

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