Essay on Brian Turner's The Hurt Locker

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A Veterans Hurt Brian Turner's "The Hurt Locker" captures his personal and painful experiences during his time spent in war and furthermore, express the tragic events he witnessed. Brian Turner's poem is miraculously able to gather multiple first hand accounts of tragic, gory, and devastating moments inside a war zone and project them on to a piece of paper for all to read. He allows the audience of his work to partially understand what hell he himself and all combat veterans have endured. Although heartbreaking, it is a privilege to be taken inside "The Hurt Locker" of a man who saw too many things that should not ever be witnessed by anybody. Turner's words bring to life what many have buried deep inside them which subsequently is …show more content…
I hesitate to think that I’m a de facto spokesman because, in some sense, I want to give voice to some of the things that I was a part of and saw, but each person has such a very different view of what has happened." Each and every person who enlists in the armed forces has their own thought process and reasons for doing so. Men and woman sign the contract to join for money, education, identity, personal enlightenment, service to country, and to escape who they are while chasing who they could be. Everything in life has a price tag and joining the armed forces is certainly no exception. Brian Turner acknowledges "I was recently married and I was trying to set up my family and pay back my college loans. We didn't even have enough money for a pillow. The military took care of all of that." With the military in the United States generously paying for expenses such as housing, food, and other necessitates it can seem like the perfect solution to a person struggling to make ends meat. Although it is impossible to speak for every military personnel, it would be safe to assume that most people would have doubts about enlisting if they knew exactly what price they would pay for the benefits that they are promised. When most human beings enter a war and are involved in severe combat a piece of who they were dies. That dark and dead part of their mind and soul is "The

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