Essay about Brave and Honorable Men

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The United States of America, in its short history, has given birth to numerous brave and honorable men. These men have helped shape and mold the country to what it is today. When someone thinks of men who have molded the United States, one might think of the Founding Fathers or early pioneers like Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett. One might also think of great presidents such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. These men laid the foundation of how the country should be led. There is one trait that all these great men possess, and that trait is determination. Determination is what fueled these American Renaissance men to do the great and brave things they did. There is one man who possessed an abundant amount of determination, and he was …show more content…
“Only a few months into his first year at Harvard, Roosevelt’s father died. During his college years, Roosevelt became very active with the school newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, and became its managing editor in 1903” (“Franklin D. Roosevelt”). Roosevelt thought he wanted to study law after graduating from Harvard. He attended Columbia University Law School for three years, but tested out and never received a full law degree.
Franklin did not look too far to find the wife of his choice. He married a distant cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt. “Because Franklin’s father had passed away, his fifth cousin, President Teddy Roosevelt, gave the bride away at the wedding” (Channell 454). Roosevelt was given the opportunity to enter politics in 1910. He decided to follow in the footsteps of his fifth cousin and accept his candidacy for New York State Senator.Most of the citizens of Duchess County, New York were Republicans. No one gave him a chance because he was running on the Democratic ticket (Blassingame 107). To everyone’s surprise, Franklin won the senate seat by a large margin. He ran for reelection in 1912 and won again as state senator for Duchess County. During the time of his New York Senate election, Franklin formed an alliance with Louis Howe, who would shape his political career for the next 25 years (Bio.TrueStory). Roosevelt took a few years off from the political world to settle down with his family. In

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