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“The Blair Witch Project” The movie “The Blair Witch Project” is one that seemed to cause a commotion amongst film reviewers and the actual public. It’s a very interesting film about three filmmakers who are actually making the film that you watch. The emotion in the film leads the viewers to believe that it’s real.

The film is by independent directors, unknown to most of the public. They attended the University Of Central Florida. (the school I would like to attend) Their style of filmmaking is different than what I have ever seen, and the unusual and unique way they made the film, is part of the excitement of seeing it.

This movie really had no writing. What the directors did, was placed their actors in the woods,
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The website was so believable and skillfully arranged, that it actually managed to intrigue enough people to go see the movie, that they made five times the amount they invested in the making of the film.

This film did so well, because so many people thought the story line was true going into see the movie. The “realness” feel of the movie did this. Sound effects were quite specific because the viewers didn’t see as much as they heard, so everything was made to make the viewer be in suspense without having any visual effects. The directors seemed to resemble the way old films were made by using sounds to scare the viewers
This movie can be classified as a horror film but it can also be suspense, or "psychological thriller" because you never know what is going to happen next.
The actors the directors used, were new to the film world and cannot be compared to anyone else. Their acting was quite convincing, for it to be their first movie. The three acted so well, that one can see changes in the three filmmakers' minds, as they slowly seemed to go insane. There was one scene that I thought was a good example of Mise en scene. It was the shot near the end where Heather was holding the camera in her lap as she was

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