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Assisted Reproductive Technology

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Infertility is a serious problem affecting millions of couples around the world. In the developing world alone about 186 million couples are unable to conceive their offspring (Geoffrey, In Vitro Fertilization 24). Infertility can be defined as the inability to conceive after one full year of regular, normal sexual intercourse without the use of any contraception. As shown in the fig.1, it is clearly showed that in recent years, the pregnancy rate has fallen as the infertility rate has increased up to 48% due to various factors, which could have affected resulting this data. Although the causes of infertility cannot be identified for 10% of couples, there are some common causes
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Poor quality sperm may result from drug, alcohol abuse, and poor nutrition. If sperms are limited, then the chances that they will successfully fertilize an egg decrease. If sperm is not fully developed then it would be difficult for its tail to travel to egg.
Couples/ Unidentified infertility Combination infertilities it could be due to the overweight, and insufficient exercise Higher risks of getting sexual diseases

As the infertility rate has increased than the pasts, the infertility has become an ongoing issue and scientists are constantly searching for solutions. Research and studies have come up with some solutions and today more possible solutions are emerging and are called assisted reproductive technology (ART). Some of common types of ART include in vitro fertilization (IVF), Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT). Firstly, ZIFT occurs in the laboratory, and then young embryo is transferred to the fallopian tube instead of the uterus and GIFT is less recommended option than ZIFT that involves transferring eggs and sperm into the woman's fallopian tube. Also ICSI is often used couples with serious sperm problems, which a sperm is injected into a mature egg and then the embryo is transferred to the uterus or fallopian tube.

However, of all possible options, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the

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