Art and Its Basis in Convention Essay

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Introduction ‘Art’ is commonly regarded as of high spirituality and aesthetic value, showing the intellectual and talented sides of the ‘great’ artists. However, many sociologists viewed the ‘art world’ as being constituted by networks of cultural production, distribution and consumption (Becker, 1984; Kadushin, 1976). These three networks are indeed collectively and mundanely formed. This paper aims to examine the question of how art is related to collective conventions, commercial drive, class interests and state sponsorship, with reference to the ‘art world’ in Hong Kong.
Collective conventions Artistic conventions involve all the decisions related to the art works produced. In the view of Becker (1984), conventions are the ‘rules of
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For instance, ballet dancers are supported by Hong Kong Ballet, instrumentalists receive support from Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, and Opera Hong Kong offers support to opera singers. The similar structure of the art world has supported the collective convention of division of labor. Art works are produced in the art world, but it may or may not reach the audience. As making ‘art’ is a collective activity, some people produce the works and some filters the products before their distribution to the public. The ones who filter the products as they enter or leave the art world are called ‘gatekeepers’ (Alexander, 2003). Since they filter the art works, they exert effects on the production and distribution systems. These gatekeepers decide what art works can or cannot be distributed, so they have the power to define what is ‘art’ (Inglis, 2005). In Hong Kong, the ‘gatekeeping’ function lies in a number of organizations. They include Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Arts Festival and Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, holding the power to decide what to be displayed and exhibited to the public. Hong Kong Art School and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts have the power to define art through their curriculum. The authority of these ‘gatekeepers’ is taken as a convention in the Hong Kong art world, telling the public what is ‘art’.
Commercial drive Though the art

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