Essay on Arizona´s Constitutional Provisisions

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Arizona’s Constitutional Provisions The Arizona Constitution affects schools, corporations, counties, and municipalities in many different ways. It was originally written in 1910, and approved in 1911 to provide the citizens of Arizona with the possibility of becoming a separated and legal state of its own right. Arizona was rejected as a state several times before it was accepted by President Taft on February 14, 1912 to become part of the State of Union. The Arizona Constitution is the framework on the decisions and rules that each school, corporation, and municipality must follow. It also protects the rights of the people in their individual businesses, their disabilities, and also provides security and stability so that each …show more content…
The section that has the biggest impact on the people of Arizona is section 7. Section 7 allows the counties to levy and collect a tax. It allows the counties to collect a tax on a countywide basis to provide services to the entire county or to designate a specific area to provide services to that specific area. The taxes collected must be used for public purposes only. The constitution also states in Article XII Section 8 that the counties must provide for an elective governing body and its method of compensation, its powers, duties and responsibilities, its authority to delegate powers, the method of election and removal of members, the terms of office and the manner of filling vacancies in the governing body. This translates into the counties providing a method of removal of elected officials from office through either impeachment or a recall. The last section of the article is the self-executing provision. This states that sections 5 through 8 of the article are self-executing and that no further legislation is required to make them effective (Arizona constitution). The constitution of Arizona affects counties in every major way. It grants the counties the power to be a body of government starting with the first section in Article XII and expands into other areas.
Arizona Constitution Effects on Municipalities
The Arizona Constitution affects municipalities in

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