Argan Oil Uses Essay

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Consider the simple argan nut. It is not an easy nut to crack, and is buried inside the fruit of the argan tree. The real treasure of the argan nut is hidden within the three kernels you find inside the nut. It is a long process, refined over hundreds of years. But once you get that substance, the argan oil uses make it all worth it. For the people of Morocco, a northern country on the African continent, every substance was needed for survival, and had to play several different roles. The argan tree provided the perfect fruit that could be used for cosmetics and cooking. Let’s tackle the cosmetics list first. You will find argan trees close to the Sahara Desert. It is a hot and dry climate, so one of the key
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Argan oil can also help tone and hydrate your skin when added to rose water or a bronzer. This will add a light glow to your face. The skin is not the only part of the body that thirsts for the benefits of argan oil. It can also help bring new life to your hair. You can use argan oil as a conditioner you leave in all day. Just a few drops after showering will help feed hair that is tortured on a daily basis by blow dryers or curling irons. Want more shine to your hair? Argan oil can help with that as well. Once your hair is dry, put a very small amount of oil in your hands and run them through your hair. It will not only help your hair shine, but it will also tackle any tangles or frizz you may deal with. Argan oil can even be used to treat your hair overnight. Work the oil into the hair and then wrap it up before heading to bed. When you wake in the morning, you will find your hair is much softer and has more body. The uses of argan oil extend to the rest of the body as well. Not happy with the health and growth of your nails and cuticles? Take a few drops of argan oil and massage it in. The oil will promote better nail growth, while softening and moisturizing your cuticles. If the heels of your feet are cracking, argan oil can help remedy the problem. Massage some oil onto your heels, toes and the rest of the feet overnight, and in the morning your feet will look and feel so much better. Now, to make you hungry to use argan

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