Essay on Arab and Israeli Conflict

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Arab and Israeli Conflict

In this coursework I will be studying sources and show their effect and purpose also I will give my own views on the Arab and Israeli conflict.

From looking at sources A and B I have learned the motivation of the members of the PLO was that the people of Palestine wanted to regain their land and would do anything to get it back from the Israeli. Another thing I have learned from these sources was the people who wrote them were anti-Semitism and had feelings of hatred towards the Jews. I can tell this because the way the source was written was to persuade people that the Palestinians were eager to get their land back from the Jews and would kill them if
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Whereas sources C and D disagree with this and comment "PLO a murderous group of terrorist with a sophisticated army." This firstly tells us that the PLO is a murderous group organization. Also imply the fact that the people who wrote the sources C and D are Zionist telling us that the Jews should have a homeland and later an independent state. When concluding all four sources the statements made differ and argue a different point of view from the Israelis and Palestinians and their hatred towards each other this also puts forward the fact that both Israeli and Palestinians have strong views and points to put forward. When we see a British writer giving his views on the matter this shows that Britain are also involved in the conflict.

The way I would explain the differences between the sources is that they are written from different points of view and reflect various opinion. I can say this because from examining the sources and looking at the people who have written it. The sources are stating their own point of view and backing up their own nation. I reply that one of the sources that is written by Terence Prittie a British writer. Says that the Jews had the land in the first place and the Palestinians were just trying to achieve independence he

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