Antidepressant vs Placebo Essay

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Depression has grasped the lives of millions of Americans. There are those who claim these new cures, known as antidepressants, have helped many Americans escape from depression. The mind is what determines the outcome, the placebo effect is a way the mind heals itself without any medication. Placebo is a better and safer route to take for multiple reasons. First off, drugs can cause unpredictable symptoms. Secondly, there is the negative effect of self-withdrawal, the placebo effect does not always even have to be from a sugar pill, and lastly placebo works almost as well, if not just as well as actual antidepressants. Millions of Americans escape the deadly grip of depression by the help of popular drugs, such as Prozac, Zoloft, and …show more content…
Gartrell, who began taking the pills upon grieving over a friend who was diagnosed with cancer (Cohen). All patients, of all ages, who start on antidepressants should be watched and observed for unusual changes in behavior (Pristiq). Compared to placebo, antidepressant have increased risks of suicidal thinking and behavior in children, teens, and young adults (Pristiq). Young adults under the age of twenty-five, have the increased risk of suicidal thinking when taking antidepressants (Connor). These study groups have shown the negative side effects, in which one might risk to experience, in order to no longer be depressed.
Unlike the side effects of various antidepressants, the placebo has whatever side effect one desires, in which case, it is up to the patient. Placebo is a medical treatment intended to deceive the brain into healing itself, without any working treatments. Placebos are most commonly administered in the form of sugar pills, which are pills full of harmless sugar water. Placebos have helped relieve pain, depression, anxiety, inflammatory disorders and even cancer (Niemi). Placebos are given to the patients who are completely unaware, with an exemption. After being warned he might be given the sugar pills, Mike Park was certain he was consuming the real deal (Carrol). Park was surprised he had been taking a placebo the whole time; “I was fully expecting to receive the real drug even though I knew that the

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