Brain Stimulation Therapy Essay

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In addition to that, brain stimulation therapy is another form of treatment that is done when medication or psychotherapy does not help reduce or cure the depression. Brain Stimulation theraphy is done by using electroconvulsive therapy also know as ECT. Brain stimulation therapy is done so that it activates or inhabitates the brain by using electricity. The electricity is pulsed through through the brain by using electrodes placed around the scalp in precise and spicific areas. Through these electrodes, electric pulses pass through the brain that causes a minor seizure that usually lasts generally less than one minute long. Another way the Electroconvulsive therapy can be carried out by using magnetic fields that are applied to the head. Before …show more content…
Some people may experiences problems with their memory, it especially weakens the memory around the time of the ECT therapy. On some occasions the memory problems are worse than usual where they can feel complete loss of memory for some hours after the ECT treatment. However, it is most common for memory to improve over the course of a few days after the last ECT treatment. Researches have found that the cause of the memory problems are most likely to be associated with the traditional type of ECT also known as bilateral ECT where the electrodes are places on the temples that are located of the sides of the head. In another form of ECT, called unilatreal ECT, electrodes are places on only one side of the read, usually it is the right side of the head because it is opposite to where the brain stores learning and memory information. Unilateral ECT has be known to to cause less memory problems compared to the other types of ECT since it is not associated with the memory and learning side of the brain. Unilateral is mostly preferred by many doctors as well as

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