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Analytic essay of ”Shakespeare – writing essays about…” As times get more modern, it is not a secret that Shakespeare’s written work is getting less read. The language today has gotten so modern and slangy, that people no longer care for lengthy sentences or strenuous words, as we see in his work. We are even beginning to make up our own words like “obvs” or “OMG”, which doesn’t necessarily originate from too lengthy words nor sentences. Are we generally just getting lazier? Or are we still

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Even though I vaguely agree with Dr. Beddow in terms of the necessity of having a literary and cultural appreciation when it comes to reading, and that Shakespeare’s written work is perpetual. Then it seems to me, that Shakespeare’s language is simply too complex for students my age to fathom the way that Shakespeare intended his work to be read. To me that is a shame, because Shakespeare’s written work is a piece of art that is meant to be enjoyed, and not something that is made to be slavishly examined in a quiet classroom on a blackboard. The reason why I think that reading should be driven by desire and not a desideratum, is that if you have a hard time reading something, or have had a bad experience, then you’re most likely not willing to exploit it further than your high school knowledge.
When that is said, then I personally think of Shakespeare’s written work as an important part of the literary history. As beautifully as Dr. Beddow wrote, “Shakespeare was not a universal genius but a man rooted in his own time and place […]”, and I agree wholeheartedly. Shakespeare was no
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