Analysis of the Opening Scene of the BBC Production of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Analysis of the Opening Scene of the BBC Production of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

This essay will analyse the opening scene of the BBC production of ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. It will comment on the different sounds, lighting, editing, camera movement and mise en scene I will also observe how these techniques create dramatic tension and how they can set a mood for the rest of the film.

The novel ‘Great Expectations’ is about a boy named Pip. His parents die and leave him under his sister and her husband Joe Gargery’s care. In the opening scene, which is what we will be analysing, Pip meets an escaped convict called Magwitch. Magwitch chases him through a corn field and
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When tinted lights are used colour wheels come into action for example if blue the scene may be cold or bright vivid colours like orange may suggest a warm, foreign scene.

Where the light is coming from is also important for example if it is back lighted it would create a silhouette of the character this suggests mystery along with side lighting which only highlights half of the character’s face. An under light shows a frightening effect which is very popular in horror films.

The next common factor of creating a film is the use of sound. This is the most important aspect of the scene I will be analysing. If a film has poor camera functions this means sound should be focused on. There are four main types of sound in a film these are diegetic, non-diegetic, parallel and contrapuntal. Diegetic sound is sound that we can see where it is coming from on the screen and non-diegetic is the opposite this is when you don’t see the object the sound is coming from. Parallel sound is when the sound links in with the image and contrapuntal is the opposite again, a sound that does not match the image on the screen. Another type of sound is a sound bridge this is a sound that carries from one scene to another, this is often done using a piece of background music.

Editing is usually the last thing done in the creation of a film. It is the tweaks

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