Analysis of the Invisible Man Essay

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Never fitting in, the invisible man has learned to conquer his surroundings and finally lead a life for himself. He thought that by moving to the North he would no longer be suppressed because of the color of his skin. Unfortunately things didn't change much for the narrator, so he decided to make another change in his life. He decided to become invisible. With this change, he went from trying to fit in to being able to do whatever he wants. Instead of taking the harsh words and racist actions, he finally could stick up for himself. This novel isn't a story of vengeance, but a story of accepting yourself when no one else does.
The narrator is an African American man from the South during the 1920s. During the novel, many details are kept
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(Ellison. 2)
Even thought he is invisible, he still enjoys life’s simply pleasures, like music. He is a huge Louis Armstrong fan because he believes that he was able to be successful and still be invisible at the same time. He believes that Armstrong was successful because he was unaware that he was invisible. Being blind to invisibility leads to great things, but being aware of one’s invisibility leads to understanding. Either way, invisibility is described as a positive rather than a burden.
Most of the story is told in the setting of the narrators “man hole”. He is afraid to come out due to his past experiences. In the narrator’s manhole, he has thousands of lights hung up and steals electricity from the local electric company. He explains how being invisible can have its benefits because he gets free services. The narrator loves light because, although no one else can, he can see himself. The light symbolizes the truth in the world. Through the novel the scenes are very dark and dimly lit. Stereotypes are corrupting the world, therefore diming society. There are no other point of views throughout the novel, so it is hard to tell whether the information is fact or fiction. As the reader we witness his personal progress, and at times, moments of insanity. As his life evolves, the reader watches him bounce from one group to another. He goes from college to a paint factory to the Brotherhood, where each time he tries to hard to fit in and messes up in the end. As he

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