Analysis of Robert Forst´s Poem the Road Not Taken Essay

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Robert Frost lays down a simple explanation for something that seems to complicate the world as we know it. In “The Road Not Taken” there are twists, turns, and the meaning behind the symbolism and the piece itself is hidden in plain sight. With a lone traveler setting out who happens upon two separated roads, both fair and quite similar when there comes the point that he need to choose which way he will take. In “The Road Not Taken”, Robert Frost sets up the lesson that life is full of decisions that will take us far away, to be an individual by choosing a road unique to us, and when we do choose to be without regret.
Right from the get-go, Robert Frost, tells us that life is full of choices by using the roads that diverge. Life is set up
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He’s telling us to be our own person and go against the flow by explaining how both roads were similar and nice but the one that seemed “less worn” caught his eye. We can tell his attention was drawn to the road that hadn’t been taken in a while by when he says “Then took the other, just as fair. / And having perhaps the better claim, / Because it was grassy and wanted wear, (6-
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8). And in his choosing “the one less traveled by he tells us simply and directly that “that has made all the difference” (19, 20). So by setting an example he’s translating what life wants us to get out of our time; to not only be unique when it comes to making those choices but be without regret once we do.
In the midst of the bit more blurry areas of “The Road Not Taken” what we can get out of it is that, Robert Frost, was passing down his wisdom. He is telling us that when we did make our decisions to not regret them. It seems that when he says, “I shall be telling this with a sigh / somewhere ages and ages hence / … that has made all the difference” , he’s seeing into the future and when looking back on his choice he was satisfied. It was that one choice that makes him sigh with remembrance and happiness. So naturally we are given this example to follow by in hopes that we too can one day look back and smile at the roads we’ve taken.
Through the use of symbolism and a simple mind set, Robert Frost, sets up a

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