Essay on Analysis of Andrew Tuplin's Virtual Morality

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Virtual Morality
In the short article titled “Virtual Morality” by Andrew Tuplin, Tuplin compares both video games and movies that violate moral beliefs according to the social norm. He argues the fact that technology is and will continue to challenge moral beliefs as well as the norm for what we see as acceptable in the real world. I for one see this issue to be harmful and threatening to the way we interact with the world on a daily basis. These so called “fantasy worlds” are confusing young minds and allowing them to create their own image to what is both morally right and wrong in society. This essay will explain why I feel that children should not be allowed to participate in violent video games and movies because the violence they
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Japan has already tested this theory with a game that allows the player to willingly rape a young teenage girl and stalk her family, it wasn’t long until the issue was brought to attention and the game was banned and removed from seller’s shelves (Lah, 2010). To me it seems that video games are constantly pushing their limits to see what they can get away with as well as how much interest they can attract in the process.
Tuplin’s major concern with these violent video games is that one day these violent acts will eventually surface into the real world (Tuplin, 2008). His thought is that violent video games will create violent people who will apply what they have learned in their virtual worlds to what they will do in the social world (Tuplin, 2008). I believe that a child who actively engages in these violent games has a better chance at developing an acceptance towards the violence than a person in their early twenties. Part of growing up involves the learning process, which takes place at a young age. What a child is exposed to will reflect on what that child will consider to be both morally right and wrong.
In addition, Tuplin talks about the movie, “The Matrix” and he uses an example where a man in the movie cheats on his wife with an incredibly hot woman who just so happens to be a computer program. The wife feels betrayed and she betrays him as well.

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