Essay Analysis and Description of Aquatic Therapy

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Aquatic Therapy refers to treatments and exercises performed in water for physical rehabilitation purposes. Aquatic therapy uses water as a therapeutic benefit for individuals. The water acts as a form of resistance and aids in improving ones function, flexibility, range of motion, strength, balance, aerobic capacity and endurance, gait and locomotion, and pain management. Due to the buoyancy of the water and its non-gravitational forces, aquatic therapy offers a form of exercise which does not put stress on an individual’s joints or spine. Rather, it serves as a relaxation technique (Webmd, 2014).
Aquatic therapy encompasses a broad set of modalities, including aquatic exercise, physical therapy, and aquatic bodywork. Treatment may be
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Styles and Versions Aquatic therapy can be performed in various styles and versions. Different techniques and treatment forms can be used to achieve a better quality of life for individuals. Some of these styles and versions include:
- Hydrotherapy: is the application of water to initiate cure. All three forms of water (liquid, steam, ice) can be used therapeutically. The goal is to improve circulation and the quality of blood (Health Communities, 2014).
- Whirlpools: refers to a special kind of bathtub used in aquatic therapy. Whirlpools generate strategically placed air bubbles which allow for the massaging of muscles. This can provide either a gentle or deep tissue massage (Slideshare, 2014).
- Water aerobics: in-water exercise classes which range from low to high intensity workouts. Can come in a variety of formats such as zumba, step, kick boxing, yoga and tai chi (Cespedes, 2014). Different pieces of equipment are used depending on the style of aquatic therapy being performed. Most materials needed are cost effective and can be purchased in bulk quantity. Equipment includes, but is not limited to: collars, rings, belts, vests, swim bars, hand paddles, boots, kickboards, noodles and dumbbells.
Training and Leadership Techniques There are many different types of certifications which can be acquired to perform aquatic therapy; however the

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