An Educational Evolution Essay

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An Educational Evolution
As the times change, so does the way we live our daily lives. Our education is also one of the many changes. Life is advancing with the rising era of technology. There are more opportunities available to get an education than times before, like online education. It is now up to the effort of students to succeed. With all the information technology has, we can now have education at the palm of our hands. Traditional education has been the only way students received education years before. With online education, students can go to school at any time and even graduate early while learning at their own pace.
Education is essential to building a solid path towards career goals. Interaction between students and
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Employers are also still going to look at traditional degrees more favorably than degrees obtained online (Webley).
Online education is a relatively new alternative to traditional education. It provides education to students in more convenient ways. Students who feel bored with traditional education can opt to take online courses that fit more with their level of thinking. Online education has more accessibility to courses not available in public schools like AP classes and even IT classes. Students can even earn degrees online. They can connect and engage with their teachers directly, collaborate with their classmates, and discover new ways to learn concepts (Chandler et al.). More public schools need to include online education in their curriculum and have designated times for these classes. Students can go on these courses during study hall, at lunch, or after school to catch up and complete classes required, even graduate early. Social anxiety, bullying, confusion, boredom, and violence are all circumstances that prevent students from passing classes. Even the brightest students can become unmotivated, lazy, and completely bored with traditional education. They can even drop out of school. Online education helps students become more intrinsically motivated to do his/her own work. It creates many job opportunities for them because so much is relied on the internet today.
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