An Analysis of the Detective Genre Essay example

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An Analysis of the Detective Genre

Sherlock Holmes, is a fictional yet convincing character created by
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With plots bizarre, singular and tantalising,
Doyle has created of one of our most popular genres.

The heroes in the detective genre often display the best of human qualities, and are aware of the idolised role they have been placed in by their closest companions. In the adventure of The Speckled Band the hero, Sherlock Holmes, reveals his concern for his clients and comforts the victim by informing her, "You must not fear". This allows, the reader to understand the distinction between the emotional and professional side of his occupation. During the same conversation
Holmes' phrases such as , "I am
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This is a typical characteristic of modern detectives such as the film Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1997). Ace Ventura, a ruthless but comic pet detective is in the mind frame of Holmes himself and will do what it takes to solve a crime. This shows that the determination of Holmes has not been forgotten a hundred years on to modern detectives. Holmes is no different to the modern day detective but is an example of what the society expected of a person in such a profession over a period of one hundred years ago.

In nineteenth century detective fiction, perhaps as a reflection of to the society in this period, the villain has been labelled in most cases as a male or outlaw. A strange appearance in their attire and their features would be enough evidence for speculation. In The
Speckled Band, from the description of the villain the reader can immediately recognise a trend in the appearance and attire, "a huge man" with, "a thousand wrinkles" and "bile shot eyes". He resembled,
"a bird of prey". How easily Doyle helps a reader recognise a murderer seeking a weak victim. Even his speech and use of vocabulary would arouse suspicions," You scoundrel". Like a majority of Doyle's mysteries, the villain in The Speckled Band is simply bad tempered and appears ugly. Modern villains have avoided the obvious descriptions of the stereotyped outlaw however with the use of disguises and

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