America’s Dwindling Water Supply Essay

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Drip irrigation allows receiving considerable economy of water. Because the roots of plants are humidified only, losses on evaporation decrease, there are no losses from a peripheral drain of water. The drip irrigation also offers other advantages (earlier crop, reducing of energy and pipelines, soil erosion prevention, reduction of probability of distribution of illnesses and weeds). The dissolved fertilizers are brought directly in a root zone together with watering. There is a fast and intensive absorption of nutrients. It is the most effective way of application of fertilizers in droughty environmental conditions. The drip irrigation allows carrying out soil processing, spraying and harvesting at any time, irrespective of irrigation carrying out as soil sites between numbers throughout all season remain dry. (Drip, 2010)

Desalination is a production of fresh water from sea by eliminating the salt. Seas and oceans are 97% of all water, so if we will take just few per cents it would be a big help to water crisis. It is using at coast areas, where is the huge amount of salt water. But this way of producing fresh water is very expensive and spent much energy. There are several types of desalination, such as multi-stage flash distillation, reverse osmosis. These methods almost always do not dip themselves. As Heimbuch (2010) states, it could be said, that more practical and economical ones would be forward osmosis and low temperature
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