The Traditional Nuclear Family

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Imagine a room full of people wishing for “the good ol’ days” where the fathers worked, the mothers cooked and cleaned, and the kids were well behaved. That vision of the “traditional” nuclear family is deeply embedded in Western Culture-in American culture. It was symbolized in art, television (T.V), advertisements and even “The American Dream”. In the past years that vision has been modernized and in some cases has become more practical over time. You see, the American culture has created a vision of the ideal American nuclear family in which today’s modern family has evolved dramatically in the value and meaning of. The concept of the “traditional” nuclear family is identified as a unit consisting of a married couple living under one roof …show more content…
To be more concise I said variations of the “traditional” nuclear family because over time, the “traditional” structure of a nuclear family has had to adapt to influential changes and has evolved. For example, the stay at home mom,(i.e the housewife) which is part of the nuclear family has changed remarkably. Women are going to work, so now economically there are two-job, two-income having families, not just one from the male figure. The U.S. Current Population Survey showed that “roughly 80% of mothers aged 25 to 54 are in the labor force (Myth of Model Family). Don’t be mistaken a working married mother still takes care of her kids, her house and her husband. There have just been changes in the gender roles. Since women joined the labor force the role of breadwinning father and stay at home mothers have shifted. You see, now a days either both parents are working or not working. Or you see the woman is working and the man is at home. Even the title has switched: The breadwinning mother and the stay at home father takes care of the kids, the house,

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