American Football Concussions Essay

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The topic I chose to right about is concussions in football and the NFL’s settlement due to the out poor of reactions to the long lasting affects. First I’d like to talk a little about concussions, for the NFL protecting the players has always been a huge priority. With this in the last few years it has become even more prevalent due to this idea that the NFL hasn’t done much to protect its players from concussions and the problems that can arise from them going untreated over the years. In the past few years the NFL has done a lot to change this tide by making new rules on ways to hit players, and assessing fines to players who ignore these changes. According to a timeline article done by PBS, in 2009 the NFL updated the regulations set …show more content…
There was no admission that anything was caused by football.” Once U.S. District Judge Anita Brody was presented the settlement she rejected it, “fearing the sum may not be enough to cover injured players.” Though this make significantly halt the ability for the NFL to come ot a settlement it will not end the ability to do so. Like any plan that gets rejected the NFL will make small changes to the proposal, one in which we all can agree the amount will increase. Christopher Seegar who is the co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs says it best, “We are confident that the settlement will be approved after the Court conducts its due diligence on the fairness and adequacy of the proposed agreement.” Also, in a report done by, they state “Under the settlement, individual awards would be capped at $5 million for men with Alzheimer's disease; $4 million for those diagnosed after their deaths with a brain condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy; and $3 million for players with dementia.” When it comes to those who are impacted by this on going settlement the NFL and the ex-players on those whom are directly affected. But, also the list contains any players in the NFL at the moment, family members of the ex players who may be eligible for any compensation, and then also the spectators of the sport. First the NFL as a whole would be the highest affected in my opinion due to the fact that they would be the ones making payments and dealing with

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