Album: Marshall Mathers LP 2, by Eminem Essay

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On November 5th, 2013 Eminem released his 8th and final studio album titled Marshall Mathers LP 2. This album has been highly influential since its release and will continue to be discussed for years to come. Eminem is regarded as one of the best rappers ever and he redefined the genre as one of the first white rappers to be successful. Because of his success, Eminem’s final album is bound to be studied and listened to for decades. The reasons for this stem from the artist himself, the album art and title, and the album’s unique style and lyrics. Eminem was born in St. Jospeh, Missouri as Marshall Mathers III. Growing up, Eminem frequently moved between Missouri and Michigan. As a teenager he finally settled in Michigan which is where he …show more content…
MMLP2 sold 792,000 copies in the first week, making it the second best sales week of the year behind Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience. Being marketed as his last album, MMPL2 was expected to make a large impact on the year (Caulfield, 2013).
The album title comes from one of Eminem’s first albums, Marshall Mathers LP. As his last album Eminem names it Marshall Mathers LP 2 to symbolize the end of his rap career. He ties the beginning to the end. The album art on both albums is very similar. The artwork on MMPL2 is the house that Eminem grew up in as a teenage in Detroit, Michigan. The house is run down and in a tarnished state. He is tying his past to his present as he did in so many of his songs. The rough childhood he experienced and family issues are what made him the rapper he was. As a white person in a genre dominated by African- Americans, Eminem had to prove himself and make his way into the spotlight. The success he obtained cost twice the effort as other rappers because of the respect and acceptance he had to receive first. The album art, symbolizing the beginning of his career to the end of it is significant because of the impact his career had on the genre of rap. In addition, it also illustrates how a person can be successful after being a drug addict and dirt poor. Eminem grew up in rough conditions and made something of himself. He was at rock bottom, struggling to

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